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About Me

I have been interested in ships and shipping since I was a boy growing up in Liverpool. For a short period during my working life, I was employed as a Radio Officer in the British Merchant Navy. A few of the images that survive from that time are displayed in the 1960's Album.

Visitors to the site are welcome to download any image for private use and storage on their own personal computer. Please contact me if you wish to receive a larger size file of a particular image without the copyright symbol, or are interested in a particular ship that is displayed in an album. It is possible that I will have other photographs of that vessel.

Please ask permission before using any image for commercial use, posting on a web site, or reproduction in any type of publication.

All of the images displayed have been taken by me with two exceptions. One is the photograph below and the second is on the Radio Officer Tales page. Both of these were taken by my wife. All of the images on this Web Site are copyright © John Leary.

Oriana XMAS 2009 005.jpg